Small Business Financing

ACCION San Diego's unique lending methodology is strongly character-based. We don't make loans based on revenue, collateral, or credit alone, but also rely on the client's commitment to the business, as well as references from suppliers and customers.
Loans range from $300 to $35,000. Each loan is underwritten on a case-by-case basis, with collateral and co-signers required depending on the level of risk.
ACCION uses a "stepped lending" model, in which clients are given relatively small, first-time loans. Monthly payments must be made on half the term of the loan or for a minimum of six months in order to become eligible for larger loans. As ACCION San Diego builds a working relationship with each client, subsequent loans are usually approved quickly and good credit history is established.
Credit challenges, lack of a business plan or a young business are issues that many of our current clients face and these will not necessarily prevent potential borrowers from qualifying for a loan with ACCION San Diego.  We evaluate each potential client individually and offer referrals to counseling and credit assistance as well.
For more information check out Loan Information on our website.