Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Client Spotlight: JRC Consulting

By Rory Soltan, Accion Intern

With over 22 years of experience, Jorge Rodriguez is a true expert when it comes to private security. Starting as a security officer in 1992, he quickly climbed the ranks, eventually directing security for a sports memorabilia company for both their domestic and Latin American offices. By 2003, he knew that the next step in his career was to start his own business and started JRC Consulting Inc. with his wife Cruz.

JRC Consulting grew quickly, taking in over $80,000 of revenue within its first year. Things grew steadily until 2012 when Jorge secured one of the company’s largest contracts ever. Though this was a tremendous opportunity, Jorge lacked the working capital needed to pay the wages of the new hires he needed, as he would not receive payment from the newly contracted company until after a month of service.

Though he and his wife had excellent credit, local banks and credit unions all denied his request for a business loan. Finally, he learned about Accion from a flier at a local small business event and after meeting with an Accion loan officer, quickly applied for a loan. Jorge received a $35,000 loan in order to pay salaries, provide training and purchase new uniforms for his team of security officers. Jorge shared that Accion was critical in helping him bring his business to the next level. “Accion is very business oriented,” he said. “They were very informative and working with them was easy.”

JRC Consulting now employs over forty security officers and has over $1.5 million dollars in annual revenue with an employee turnover rate of only 2%. It has expanded into Riverside and Orange Counties and caters to a wide variety of clientele. It also recently received certification with the State of California to be able to fulfill government contracts. This tremendous growth has enabled Jorge to recently pay off his 60-month loan after just a year and a half, making him another extremely successful graduate of the Accion program.

The company’s success lies in how it distinguishes itself from its competitors. “Other security companies are only looking to bill hours and give the appearance of security,” said Jorge. “Our officers aren’t there to just call 911, they’re there to be a preventive force.” Moreover, JRC does not have ‘rover’ positions where inexperienced officers fill in for regular officers if a shift is missed. The result is a seamless twenty-four hour service where the client notices no difference in their daily quality of security. JRC also offers certification training services to security professionals and the general public for pepper spray and baton usage, as well as concealed weapons permits.

When asked how he would advise those just starting out, he said, “get a good education in business, start slow and never leverage equity.”

For more information about JRC Consulting Inc. and its services visit: www.jrcconsulting.net

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