Monday, May 27, 2013

San Diego Energy Diet

Have you heard of the San Diego Energy Diet? The newest trend in dieting is called the Energy Diet and San Diego Gas and Electric is helping to slim down their customer’s energy bill. If you have been trying to reduce, but haven’t seen results, you’ve got to try this! With so many households and businesses unaware of the energy drips that are happening every day, SDG&E is offering energy saving tips on their website to help you save you money. The Energy Diet site helps users understand their bill and tabs that users can click to access tools, tips and videos on how to save energy and money.

The site also features an energy saving calculator that shows how many kilowatt-hours of energy and how much money can be saved with simple changes around the household or business. With all of the money that you will save on your energy bill, you can go ahead and purchase that hot bathing suit for this summer! For more information, visit:

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