Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Small Business Connections Tour Makes Tenth Stop in San Diego

More than 120 local business owners gathered Saturday at the Joe and Vi Jacobs Center for the Round Robin: Utilizing Technology in Business event presented by Yelp, Accion San Diego and the NYSE.

Highlights of the event included round robin-style seminars about social media, crowd funding, QuickBooks, websites, e-commerce and more.

“Small business owners make up a large part of the San Diego business community,” said Executive Director of Accion San Diego Elizabeth Schott. “Social media and access to capital are becoming essential parts of owning and growing a business and it is part of our mission to educate local business owners and give them the tools they need to grow their business.”
The keynote speaker at the event was Yelp's Manager of Local Business Outreach. Darnell Holloway.

Darnell Halloway and the Yelp Team
“Connecting with business owners on a local level is one of the main ways Yelp gives back to the community,” said Holloway. “Many small business owners don’t know the tools that Yelp has available and presenting at these types events educates entrepreneurs and gives them the best practices for navigating the world of online reviews.”

The goal of the round-robin training event was to create a forum for emerging and established small business owners to receive personalized advice on key business challenges from a group of local experts.

During the 4-hour event, participants had the chance to meet with four different “experts” in 40-minute increments, where each coach will present on a specific aspect of business or subject. The experts will be represented a wide array of key aspects of using technology for business.

The event broke several of Accion’s previous registration goals with more than 240 people registering for the event, beating the previous record of 188.

The event was part of "Small Business Connections,” the first small business event tour from the NYSE Big StartUp, a nationwide job creation and business growth initiative that connects small businesses with established corporations, such as Yelp and the NYSE. Small Business Connections is the initiative’s event component that has educated more than 400 entrepreneurs in nine cities to date. Local sponsors include Torrey Pines Bank and Market Creek Events & Venues.

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