Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ms Sparky Electric: Electrifying San Diego

Rosie the Riveter is back in San Diego as the logo and inspiration behind Mary Stapleton’s business, Ms Sparky Electric. Like Rosie, Ms Sparky represents skill, ability, and dedication to her craft. For us, Ms Sparky represents the American dream championed by all of our clients. Mary owns the business of her dreams and is finding wild success through celebrating who she is as a woman electrician. Turns out there is a large need for Ms Sparky in San Diego.
Mary has worked in electrical contracting since 1997. She tried many different types of jobs prior to this but found that she loved working with her hands to create something of value for her clients. At first, she worked for private companies, but found herself unemployed during hard economic times. However, Mary was not discouraged and used her situation as an opportunity to pursue her dream of starting her own business.

Mary met her Accion loan officer, Maria Montano, at a Small Business Development Associates (SBDA) event. She initially took out a $2,000 loan for startup capital, and then came back for a larger $10,000 loan. With her Accion loans, Mary was able to build a webpage, purchase materials, and put money towards purchasing her work truck.
Today Mary is happier running her own business, and Ms Sparky has grown to the point where Mary is beginning to hire full-time employees.  She has been able to stay in her community, support her family, and begin to give back. Mary enjoys mentoring women and always encourages them to pursue job opportunities not traditionally open to them. Many of her clients are seniors, and Mary hopes to soon give back to these clients by volunteering electrical services for seniors living in unfit homes.
For people considering a startup, Mary says, “Don’t give up. I thought about different kinds of businesses throughout my life. Finally, I thought, I am going to do it and take the jump.” She also recommends getting your certifications, and using all the resources being offered to startups.
Today Mary is one of Accion’s greatest advocates. When a friend was turned down by his bank for a loan to grow his restaurant, she sent him to Accion. Mary says, “Microlending brings life to the community.” 
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  1. Thank you to Accion for believing in me!
    Accion is a great resource for small business and I am so grateful to have discovered them. They also offer great workshops!
    Mary, Ms Sparky Electric

  2. Great article! Mary is great to work with and a good small business example.

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