Friday, March 23, 2012

ACCION and the NYSE Big StartUp for Jobs Growth in America

This Wednesday a small business owner and Accion USA client rang the closing bell at the NYSE. It was an inspiring launch for a new nationwide jobs-growth initiative, The NYSE Big StartUp. The program connects young companies and entrepreneurs with corporate America for funding and support. Accion partnered with NYSE Euronext, Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) and The Startup America Partnership to create the program and fuel job creation across the nation. “America is looking for ways to create jobs and we believe part of the answer lies in nurturing the small business community,” said Duncan L. Niederauer, Chief Executive Officer of NYSE Euronext. The San Diego Accion office is a part of this initiative too and will now be able to lend even more support to our county's small and startup businesses!

The NYSE Big StartUp will help small businesses and startups across the country by calling on the nation’s corporate community to lend support, experience and resources. So far Yelp, LinkedIn, and Microsoft have joined and are sharing valuable resources to help grow America’s small businesses. The program also includes a microfinance component called the Accion NYSE Job Growth Fund to provide small businesses and startups with the capital they need to thrive. NYSE Euronext commited $1.5 million to the fund and is asking its big corporate friends to give to the fund as well. NYSE is confident that supporting microfinance recipients is a sure way to grow small businesses and create more jobs--and Accion is sure of it as well! Small businesses are critical to job growth and to our economy’s recovery,” said Gina Harman, President and CEO of Accion, The U.S. Network. A portion of this fund will go to Accion San Diego and will be lent out to local San Diego startups. This will boost the local San Diego economy by helping young businesses grow. More capital for our county's small businesses will enable them to hire the new employees that they need.

This is an exciting moment for Accion, the NYSE, and America’s startup businesses as well as existing corporations! America’s entrepreneurs and young startups are the ones with the potential to create new jobs in our economy. Accion works everyday with entrepreneurs and small businesses across the U.S. and sees first hand how they are spotting needs and filling gaps in local, national, and international markets. These businesses just need access to capital and resources—two things that can be hard to come by when you are a young company or small business. Accion has been providing this type of capital for the last 20 years. Now, with the support of NYSE and corporate America, we can provide even more support and help create new and rewarding jobs with America’s finest entrepreneurs across the country!
Here at Accion San Diego, we are excited about the new opportunities that this partnership will provide for startups and small businesses in San Diego. We love hearing the many success stories from our clients who once could only get a small business loan from Accion and are now growing and hiring to meet the demand for their products and services. Visit our website to learn more about Accion San Diego or to apply for a loan!

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