Thursday, May 5, 2011

Microfinance USA is the conference where the nation's leading microfinance champions exchange ideas and information that set the agenda for the future of the field. Join the conversation with expert practitioners, top investors, and frontline researchers to explore and expand microfinance in the U.S.

Although for us in San Diego, it can be a bit of a distance to travel, you can see the sights and make a nice vacation out of it - Join the exciting opportunity to attend the Microfinance USA Conference and learn more!

Whether you are someone who is interested in microfinace, someone who appreciates the work  of microfinance organizations, whether you are a client, or a business who operates in the microfinance industry, a student or professional looking to make a career in the micro-lending arena, this conference is very applicable to you!

Check out your schedule, think about giving yourself a weekend sabatical, and invest in learning about microfinance movement!

Visit the Microfinance USA Conference web site for the agenda, speakers and more!

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