Wednesday, December 1, 2010

See What ACCION Client Is Doing to Give Back

Jeff Harding, ACCION Client, and owner/president of Recycle San Diego, is finding resourceful ways to run a business while given back to the community.  Maybe this will give you some ideas of ways to think outside the box and do the same!

Dear ACCION San Diego, 

Even in hard times the holidays are filled with the joys of gifts, many of them electronics.  But many people will just throw out their obsolete TVs, computers, games, phones, batteries and more—illegally—if they don't know about our recycling solution.
Can you spare five minutes to help save our community from more toxic waste?
Recycle San Diego wants everyone to know that we make recycling easy and FREE by hosting e-waste collection events every weekend (except holidays).

You can easily spread the word in two ways:
  • Download and share our event flyers at events or gatherings, or post them where you work, play or socialize (Starbucks, church, library, gym).
  • Share our eWaste Events page on the Internet.  E-mail the link, post it on Facebook or Twitter about it.  (Facebook fans of Recycle San Diego share our page that way.)

We greatly appreciate your support for our mission.  Thank you, and happy holidays!

Best regards,
Jeffrey Harding
Recycle SD, Inc.

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