Wednesday, December 29, 2010

ACCION Client, Kidsville Playtown, is Featured in Carlsbad Patch - Check Out the Video!

Rachel Lister of Carlsbad Patch recently featured Kidsville Playtown in a recent online article. Check out the article and the fun, interactive video as well! Kelly and Amber did a fantastic job at conveying their passion for Kidsville, what the business is all about and how this playground benefits both child and parent. 

Kidsville Playtown—Big Fun for Little Imaginations

Give your kids a chance to turn off the TV and jump start their imaginations.

We are pleased to say that Kidsville is yet another rewarding story of hard work, smart lending and a combination of wise financial decisions. is a preschooler's dream, and as a work-at-home mom, it may be mine too. This kid-sized city has plenty of opportunities for pretend play, and mom can relax and enjoy comfortable seats and free Wi-Fi while watching the kids.
Open-Ended Imaginative Play
One of my biggest pet peeves as a parent is that there are so many products and services geared towards children that do the playing for them. Everything from electronic toys to live shows are designed to entertain the child rather than encouraging them to participate in developmentally appropriate activities. Kidsville Playtown offers children the props that they need to exercise their imagination and interact with other kids in a safe environment.
From the moment we walked in the door of Kidsville Playtown located at Plaza Camino Real Westfield Shoppingtown, my kids, ages 3 and 4, found plenty of ways to keep themselves busy. Co-owners Amber and Kelly say that "parents really like the fact that they can get their kids away from the television and get them in a place where they can use their imaginations, get exercise, socialize and be safe."
Kidsville has everything a child could want. Themed play centers are filled with toys, furniture, and gorgeous hand-painted artwork to set the mood. It's up to your child's imagination to do the rest.
A dress-up theatre features a full dressing room filled with frilly dresses and other costumes for a preschooler to dress up in before putting on a show on the stage. A jail and a firehouse are side by side and the firehouse has a great fire pole inside that my kids would have played with all day. A schoolhouse has child-sized desks and plenty of books and puzzles. A clinic allows preschoolers to nurse each other back to health. Kelly and Amber say they frequently find parents lying on the cot in the clinic being nursed back to health by their children.
A dinosaur mountain allows for active play and includes several slides and a Jack and the Beanstalk climbing wall. Kidsville has something to appeal to any child and, as the mother of boys, I loved that there were pretend play opportunities for both genders.
Clean and Safe
As a parent, I always want to make sure my kids are playing in a safe and clean environment. In public places, that can often be a challenge. I was extremely impressed with the cleanliness of Kidsville Playtown. Employees were hard at work making sure that the toys in each center were set up again so that every child could have a great experience.
With only one entrance at the front, I didn't have to worry about my children wandering off (or crazy strangers wandering in) and I loved that the seating available for parents was in full view of all the play areas.
Affordable Play for Carlsbad Kids
Kidsville Playtown really makes it possible for you to make a day of your visit. You can leave and go have lunch in the mall or bring outside food back with you. Daily rates are reasonable, at only $10 a day, which is a definite plus in this economy. Children who aren't yet walking are free and sibling discounts are offered to give families with multiple children a bit of a break. Memberships offer further savings and are a great option since after going once, it's pretty much a guarantee that your kids are going to ask to go back.
Kelly and Amber say that they frequently have parents come in and let their kids play while they work on their laptop as an alternative to sitting at home and sitting the kids down in front of a movie. My own kids woke up the next morning and asked to go back, so I'm sure we'll be taking advantage of all the great things that Kidsville offers.
To see some of the great things Kidsville offers, including themed birthday parties, drop-off care, and free play, visit the Kidsville Playtown website. 

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