Friday, October 22, 2010

SDRSP Green Coupon Book - Advertise For Free!

Have a FREE Coupon in the SDRSP
Green Coupon Book

The San Diego Regional Sustainability Partnership ( is preparing a Green Coupon Book and offering Green companies/ organizations free advertising coupons in the Green Coupon Book.

The coupon book, similar to the popular Entertainment Coupon Book, will have 200+ coupons from Green companies/organizations. The first printing will have 2,500 books and will sell for $10 per book.

We have a generous printer, Streeter Printing, who will be doing the set-up and printing for free. Orders are due by December 31st , 2010.  The books will come out in January, and the coupons will be good through December 2011.

Please contact Tina Scherr, or 619-564-8500, Peter Kennedy,  or 858-518-6634 for details.


Order                                                          Date  ___________________         

Name of Organization/Company      ______________________________

Point of Contact for the Org./Co.      ______________________________

Title of POC                                      ______________________________

POC telephone                                  ______________________________

POC Email                                        ______________________________

Has a company logo to email/fax      ______________________________

Email coupon to:                    

Or mail to:                                        SDRSP
                                                          7770 Regents Road, #113-502
                                                          San Diego, CA 92122

Or fax to:                                          (619) 564-8505

Coupon Details (please attach company logo if desired):


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