Friday, October 15, 2010

ACCION's Client Spotlight: Evanhealy

ACCION San Diego is proud to announce the refinancing and continued success of featured client, evanhealy, an artisan-quality skin care treatment line based in Poway, CA.  Due to exponential spiked growth and increasing demand from major natural food retailers such as Wholefoods, Henrys and Jimbo’s, evanhealy chose to refinance with ACCION San Diego to  meet the growing demand of their locally made product.

Evanhealy first came to ACCION San Diego in 2009 and received a $15,000 loan to increase inventory and meet retailer’s demand . They initially went to traditional banks for lending, but like many small businesses today, were not approved for financing due to their short business history as a result of relocating from Canada.  At this time evanhealy carried their in 40 stores in San Diego and Orange County, and emloyeed 4 full-time/10 part-time employees. 

A year later, in July of 2010, evanhealy returned to ACCION San Diego for additional financing of a $20,000 loan for the purpose of expanding their inventory even more.  Since refinancing with ACCION, their line has indeed expanded from 40 Californian retailers to approximately 100 natural food stores nationwide, and has grown there employee base to a 19 person "family" that works in various departments. Furthermore, they now produce all products in a large warehouse based out of Poway, CA; a large humble cry from starting as a home-based business.

Evanhealy skincare has one simple philosophy: The skin breathes. With that mentality, evanhealy has created and developed an artisan-quality skin care treatment line with products ranging from face serums and tonics to moisturizers and even fragrances.  Her holistic approach uses “simple plant-based formulations and no-invasive treatment methods that encourage the skin, with its innate ability to regulate itself, to breathe.” In addition to these great skincare resources, also has an e-commerce business that allows customers to purchase products from the comfort of their own home.

Moreover, evanhealy focuses much time and energy into giving back to the local community. David Healy, Evan’s husband and business partner, says they have a commitment to working with small farms to grow and distill the plants used in the skincare products. “We know the people personally and they know us which brings a higher level of commitment to our product from everyone involved,” he says.  

Furthermore, their success has enabled them share ACCION’s passion of micro-finance, and support underdeveloped countries by using products funded through microloan programs. The company works with a women’s group in Ghana and uses the shea butter they produce in the skincare products.  “These women are part of a microfinance program and a percentage of our sales go back towards them,” David explains. “We also work with a women’s cooperative in Morocco.  We take a lot pride in this.”

From their holistic, natural approach to skin care, to their dedication to ensuring a socially conscious production line, evanhealy sets themselves apart from other skincare lines with their successful business strategy. David perfectly sums up their product: “In the end we have a better product and that better product is felt and experienced throughout the chain of our business from production to stores that sell our product. It creates a buzz, there is a sense of liveliness that this is special, this is different. And it comes because we believe in what we are doing.”

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