Monday, September 27, 2010

Thanks for Attending Our Round Robin Expert Workshop!

Small Business Round Robin Expert Workshop Was A Huge Success!

Thanks to everyone who attended - from what we've heard, you all had a great time and walked away with a lot of useful information.
Just to recap, the Round Robin Expert Workshop was a 3 hour event, where participants had the chance to meet with 6 different "coaches" in 20-minute increments. They received top take-aways, tips, know-hows and strategies for each topic. Before and after the round-robin, participants had the opportunity to network with fellow small business owners,the round-robin coaches/experts and ACCION staff.

Check back here soon - We will be posting highlights of  speakers' presentations!
ACCION is in the process of planning another workshop in November (possibly an intensive Quickbooks training). If  you would be interested in this, please leave comments below so we know the level of interest for this topic. As you all know, our workshops fill up fast. Therefore, if you would like to be on our mailing list to know of our events when they are posted, email Jessica at

Also, keep your eye on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube for highlights, pictures, and video footage!

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