Monday, July 12, 2010


Picture an old school ice cream truck transformed to look like a 1950's Hot Rod. Then add a killer stereo system, along with a selection of the finest quality ice cream bars, gourmet cookies & brownies, hot drinks, snacks, Gatorade, and Monster Energy drinks. That is the exact idea husband and wife team, Chris and Jennifer, had in mind. With the help of ACCION San Diego, they created not only an idea, but started a small business, cleverly named Sweet Treats.

Sweet Treats officially opened in July 2008 with the idea of bringing back the childhood memory of chasing after the old ice cream truck with money in your hand, but with a modern twist. "We are not your typical ice cream truck," says one of the Sweet Treats' owners, Jennifer Saint. "We are 'Bringing Smiles To People's Faces...One Lick at a Time!'"

To learn more about Sweet Treats, check out this segment which aired on San Diego 6 click here.

So next time you are planning a special event, make to give Sweet Treats a call at (858)761-4908. There is no event too big or too small that Sweet Treats can’t add a unique flair to!

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